June 2023 Anji Hongde/Hongli Wufeng Mountain Team Building

n this era of rapid development, everyone is facing different work pressure and life pressure. To relieve these stressors, many companies choose to conduct team-building activities to help employees relax. In this regard, the sales department of Anji Hongde Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. has always been a role model. They have always adhered to the team spirit, encouraging employees to move forward together and strive to improve themselves. On June 3, 2023, the sales department held an unforgettable team building event.

On the day of the event, everyone came to the Wufeng Mountain Scenic Area in Anji, Huzhou, Zhejiang early to breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural scenery. Everyone participated in the team building activities with smiles and expectations, and spent this pleasant and unforgettable moment in the hands of the team.

This team building activity has always been carried out around team awareness and cooperation spirit. Everyone had barbecue activities in groups, and shared their stories and experiences by the campfire, which shortened the distance and understanding of each other, and enhanced mutual trust and tacit understanding. Then everyone participated in the jungle crossing activity, which not only exercised the team spirit, but also exercised everyone’s physique and willpower. In the final group photo session, everyone launched a funny “group photo battle” together, drawing a perfect end to this event.

There are many commendable people on the team who have made great contributions to the company with their abilities and professionalism. For example, Gracie, the company’s sales manager, has been playing an important role in the company, leading and encouraging everyone in the team so that they can better complete their tasks. There is also Lisa, an employee of the sales department, who has always maintained a good working attitude and positive working spirit, which has won unanimous praise from the team.

Overall, this team building activity successfully demonstrated the team spirit and cooperation spirit of the sales department of Anji Hongde Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. Everyone got exercise and improvement in the activity, and they also deeply realized the “unity, harmony, The significance of unity “Win-win”. It is believed that this team building activity will play a positive and far-reaching role in promoting the company’s future development.

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