Anji Hongde Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise of medical equipments. Our company is located in – Anji which has been assessed to Best City for Human Residence by the United Nations for its beautiful environment and nvenient transportation. It’s very near the port cities (two hours away from Shanghai, 3 hours away from Ningbo). These favorable conditions promote the rapid development of our company.

Professional and Reliable Supplier for Medical Consumables since 2006
  • PBT Bandage

  • Non-Woven Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap

  • Plaster of Paris Bandage

  • Conforming Bandage

  • Ice Bandage

  • Military Bandage/Emergency bandage

  • Stockinette

  • 100% Cotton Crepe Bandage

  • High Elastic Compression SKin Bandage With Clips

  • Orthopaedic Cast Padding Medical Bandage for POP Bandage

  • Type H Hemostatic Bandage

  • Fiberglass Casting Tape

  • Pattern elastic bandage

  • Cravat Bandage

  • Finger Tubular Bandage

  • EAB Elastic Wrap Bandage

  • Jumbo Gauze Roll

  • Paraffin Gauze

  • Medical Gauze Bandage Roll Jumbo roll

  • Absorbent Cotton Sterilized Medical Surgical Gauze Balls

  • WOW Bandage

  • OEM Non Sterile Laparotomy Sponge, Abdominal Swab, Surgical Lap Sponge

  • Alcohol Pad

  • Gauze Swab

  • Eco-friendly disposable Bamboo cotton buds makeup remove cotton buds

  • Makeup Pad

  • Wooden Sample Collection Cotton Swab

  • Zig-zag Cotton

  • Cotton Ball

  • Orthopaedic Cast Padding Medical Bandage for POP Bandage

  • Eye Patch

  • Dental Cotton

  • 100% pure dental cotton rolls 100g high quality absorbent cotton roll

  • Disposable bed sheet

  • Isolation Gown

  • Disposable medical silicone stomach tube

  • Heated Disposable Breathing Circuit system

  • Disposable 2-way foley catheter

  • Ostomy bag

  • Disposable IV Infusion Giving Set

  • Disposable Emergency Metal Nylon Tourniquet

  • Disposable silicone coated latex foley catheter 2way 3way 4way with silicone coated

  • Shoe Cover

  • PVC non-pvc IV infusion bag double ports

  • Non-woven Adhesive Catheters Fixation Tube Holder

  • Manual wheelchair portable folding

  • 0-2Kpa Feeding Bags Pressure Relief Check Valve

  • Disposable Medical Surgical Kidney Shaped Plastics Medication Trays

  • Surgical Suture Practice Skin Pad Suturing Sets

  • Summary of FIME Exhibition in the USA in 2023.
    Introduction :In June 2023, Anjihongde Medical Supplies, a leading company in the healthcare industry, had the opportunity to showcase its products at the FIME Exhibition in Miami, USA. The three-day
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    As the leader of Hongde Medical, we attach great importance to the sustainable development of our company. Our focus is not only on meeting the current demands of the market but also anticipating futu
  • Social Responsibility Report 2022
    Social Responsibility Report 2022DOWNLOAD Post time: Feb-06-2023
  • Quality integrity report 2022
    Quality Integrity Report 2022DOWNLOAD Post time: Feb-06-2023
     In 2022, Hongde Medical Products Company has provided many jobs for the disabled, and the construction of the home for the disabled has been further improved. We are committed toproviding a comfortab
  • 关于征求《医用竹质压舌板》 “浙江制造”标准(征求意见稿)意见的公告