Silicone Gel Tape

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Silicone Tape Roll
MaterialSkin color of PU film+Silicone gel+PE film of network diaphragmColor transparent skin color
Packing1roll/box 200box/ctnClassificationClass1
FunctionSurgery, Keloids, Burns, Sensitive Skin, Wound Protection, Healing Gel Patch
Product feature :
1. Gentle on the skin and painless to remove.
2. Reusable , do not  stick to hair and leaves no residue , no remains.
3. Waterproof , but permeable.
4. Easy to use and Hypoallergenic , with good adhesive.
Regular Size(CM)Carton Size(CM)Packing(roll/ctn)
Medical Silicone Adhesive Tape
Materialsilicone gel, SiliconeClassificationClass1
Product Usage1. Very good for use on patients where the skin condition ispoor, sensitive, fragile, or need to replace the dressing in thesame skin place, such as the    patients need radiation therapy,chemotherapy, dialysis, new-born baby and also the infant
2. Applicable to variety of in-dwelling catheters, electrodes or other external fixation that requires gentle but robustskin protection and adhesion                                3. Protect the skin which have the risk of ulcer of catheters,or the skin need to be radiation therapy
Regular Size(CM)Carton Size(CM)Packing(roll/ctn)
 1.25cm x 1.5m36.5×25.5×2512pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
1.9cm x 1.5m36.5×25.5×3212pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
2.5cm x 1.5m36.5×25.5×39.512pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
5cm x 1.5m36.5×25.5×33.56pcs/box, 120pcs/ctn
1.25cm x 5m 33.8×23.8×2512pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
 1.9cm x 5m33.8×23.8×3212pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
2.5cm x 5m33.8×23.8×39.512pcs/box, 240pcs/ctn
5cm x 5m33.8×23.8×33.56pcs/box, 120pcs/ctn

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