Surgical Medical Adhesive Non-Woven Wound Dressing

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Surgical Medical Adhesive Non-Woven Wound Dressing for Hospital and Pharmacy
100% Cotton
1 pcs in one bag/Customized
1. Disinfection, diminish inflammation, hemostasia, sterilization and con- stringency
2. Highly absorbent and low lining
3. Do not glue knot with wound
4. Respond without skin stimulate, protective wound, reduce pollutive opportunity
5. Sterile packing sponges are packaged in tear-open/peel down pouch.
6. Customer's private label is available

4cmx5cm, 6cmx7cm, 10cmx12cm, 15cx20cm, 10cmx25cm

Direction For Use
1. Prepare the wound according to institution protocol. Allow all cleansing solutions and skin protectants to dry completely.
2. Peel the liner from the dressing, exposing the adhesive surface.
3. View the Site through the film and center the dressing over the wound. Do not stretch the dressing during application
4. Slowly remove the frame while smoothing down the dressing edges. Then smooth the entire dressing from the center toward the edges using firm pressure to enhance adhesion.

  • Surgical Medical Adhesive Non-Woven Wound Dressing:

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    Sterile methodEOMaterialNon woven
    Packing1pcs/pouch,50pcx/boxClassificationClass Ⅱ
    Function1.Fixing and covering I.V catheter,
    2.Postoperative wound,general wound like incised wound and laceration
    Regular Size(CM)Carton Size(CM)Packing(roll/ctn)
      5 × 550x20x4550pcs/box, 2500pcs/ctn
      5 × 752x24x4550pcs/box, 2500pcs/ctn
      6 × 752x24x5050pcs/box, 2500pcs/ctn
      6 × 850x21x3150pcs/box, 2500pcs/ctn
      6 × 1042x35x3150pcs/box, 2500pcs/ctn

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